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About Martel     

Martel Anse' Perry is an preacher, educator, innovative thinker, and technologist. Martel’s productive career is motivated by his entrepreneurial spirit, which is evident in his work as public servant, business leader, and entrepreneur.  He has experience in higher education, business, insurance, government, technology, information security, banking, military, real estate investments and management. 

Martel is the Senior Consultant for CTS21ST, an organization that has consulted with Macro International, Hughes Network Systems, Department of Justice, Howard University, National Institute for Standards and Technology, Department of Navy, Chinese Universities, IBM, and Saudi Ministry of Defense. 

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CTS21ST is a unique, worldwide organization that addresses business and individual issues in creative and innovative ways. CTS21st is sensitive, inviting, and responsive to the many cultures that make up our world. It diagrams and develops solutions using systematic approaches. These methods provide our customers an ability to learn, embrace new ideas, and develop new techniques for problem-solving.

We encourage businesses and individuals to employ solutions in the most practical and shortest time frame.


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 Speaking Topics   

  • Family and Marriage    
  • Motivation and Empowerment
  • Personal Growth a nd Direction 
  • Entrepreneurship and Business 
  • Innovation and Teamwork
  • Strategy and Impact Solutions   
  • Branding, Business and Technology
  • Preparedness and Recovery 
  • Computer Security & Risk Management  
  • 21st Century Learning & Technology  

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 Research Interest  

  • Higher Education Administration    
  • Creative Thinking in Higher Education 
  • On-Line Curricular and Program Design 
  • 21st Century Distance Learning 
  • Business & Society in the 21st Century 
  • International Education and Business 
  • Nanotechnology and Bio-Technology 
  • Geophysics and Public Safety
  • Family Dynamics and Connectivity 

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 Mentoring Areas

  • College and Career Planning
  • Reinventing Yourself
  • Leadership and Business Mentoring 
  • Creative Thinking and Strategic Planning 
  • Planning for the Future and Change Management 
  • International Relations and Connections 
  • Church and Community Empowerment 


 News Articles

  • Divinity School Uses Satellites  
  • Internet Technology for Spiritual Connections  
  • Videoconferencing As a Tool  
  • Closing the Digital Divide  
  • Beyond Face-to-Face Meetings  
  • Plans High-Speed Community Upgrades  
  • Launches Historic Community Partnership  

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